Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ROASTED PATHRAWADA - made using collard greens

Getting to eat what we crave the most while pregnant is the utmost satisfaction.I have heard that women crave for food that either they should not eat or is not good for them or something that is difficult to make or get.Well through my experience to some extent its true.When i was pregnant I wanted to eat pathrawada . If i was in India then this wouldnt have been a problem since its easy to get hold of colocassia or taro root leaves(ones usually used to make).My mother was in a dilemma since i wanted it so bad.In US these leaves are rarely available in indian storesThen i remembered my cousin Roopa of my kitchen treats had made pathrawada ones using collard greens.I was so excited.Hubby dear bought it immediately since the leaves are easily available in any american grocery stores.
Collard greens have a great aroma and taste slightly bitter.They cook very quickly .So instead of preparing pathrawada the usual method(steaming)my mom roasted it.The result was simply incredible.It tasted very similar to the usual pathrawada .I had no more complains after eating it:).My mom was happy and i was satisfied .I want to thank roopa for the idea and my mom and hubby for their patience:).Everyone should try out this unique dish.

Collard greens - atleast 5-6 os
oil- 1 tsp
pathrawada batter

Remove the center vein of the leaves.Wash it thoroughly and wipe them dry.Place the largest leaf on a plate and apply batter all over it generously.
Place another leaf over it and repeat the procedure until you use 5-6 leaves.Now fold the bottom and apply batter.Then fold the sides, apply batter.Holding it tightly on both sides roll the leaves from bottom to top.(For pic instructions on how to fold click here).
Now slice them 1/2" thick.

Heat a pan.Spread a teaspoon of oil.When it gets sizzling hot place the collard slices on it.Close it with a lid.Let it cook for 2-3 mins.Then turn them ,close with lid and let it cook 2-3 mins on that side as well.Finally transfer them onto a plate.Serve warm with tea or coffee.

P.S:-Add 4 shallots while grinding the batter for extra taste.