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Pathrawada is an authentic konkani delicacy.Its an all time favourite of any konkana u come across.It contains layers and layers of pathra leaves(colocasia) smeared with a thick batter (made of rice and other spices) and finally steamed to get the end product.The batter brings out the rich natural flavour of the pathra leavesSince the preparation of pathrawada is a long process,in my family its an occasion for family gathering where my mom and aunts all sit and prepare it together.The house will be all filled with the aroma of the pathrawada.AAAAAAAAAAAhhh!!!!!The smell and taste is to die for.Describing this itself makes my mouth water:).
Now since I am in US,i find it very difficult to get hold of these pathra leaves.Its very seasonal and the Indian grocery stores rarely has it.But my blog is totally incomplete without adding this delicacy.So I am posting this recipe as how its prepared in my home back in India.Before that a Special Thanks to my mom(who prepared it) and dad(who took the photos) without whom i wouldnt be able to post this.

Colocasia leaves-Atleast 20(enough to make 2 loaves-washed and veins

For Batter:-METHOD

Soak rice for atleast 5-6 hrs in warm water and wash it 2-3 times.Then grind it coarsely(texture similar to rava).Then grind rest of the ingredients together and mix it with the coarsely grinded rice.The batter should be very thick so that it will stick to the leaves and hold it together.Keep it aside for a while.See pic below to see how the batter looks.
Take a wide pan or plate to place and smear the leaves.Place the largest leaf in the bottom and smaller ones on top of that.Apply the batter on top of each and place them one above the other as shown in the pic.For a large loaf as here u will need 10-12 leaves.For smaller ones keep 6-7. After applying the batter fold both the sides simultaneously as shown above.Apply batter on the folded side as shown below. Then fold the bottom side and roll it to the top as shown in the pics below.

Then again smear it with batter on all the sides of the loaf.

This is a large size loaf which will take 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to cook.A small one will take less time.So time to cook depends on the size of the loaf.
The steamer we use to cook pathrawada at home.You can use any steamer u have on hand that can hold the loaves.

Uncooked pathrawada placed in the steamer.

Cooked pathrawada.See the change in color of the leaves.To check if its done pierce a knife and if it goes in smoothly then that means the leaves r done.It is very important that the leaves get cooked otherwise u will get an itchy feeling in ur mouth.
Slice the hot loaf into smaller pieces and serve it hot with oil.
Leftover pathrawada can be sliced and roasted on a griddle or tawa with lil bit of oil.It tastes even better.I hope u all enjoy it.

Raw rice-3 cups
shredded coconut-3 cup (frozen or fresh)
Red chillies-15(less if u dont like spicy)
turmeric-1 tsp
asafoetida-1 tsp
cumin-1 tsp
tamarind pulp-1 tbsp
salt to taste.


Roopa said...

Wowiiee ranji, Loved this a lot:) Beautiful pics with yummmmmmy pathrodo:) Thanks to your mom and dad:) and to you for posting:)

Happy cook said...

Wow i have never heard or ate something like this.
It looks like a lot of hard work, but i am sure the taste is worth all the work one put in.

ranji said...


Thank u so much:)...they will be very happy to see ur comment:)...

@happy cook
pathrawada is common to only konkani's...not much exposed to the rest of the community...but this is a must try dish....it is a long process no denying that but planning can make it easy.like..making the batter a day ahead....the main job here is removing the veins of the leaves...rest of the work is quite fast :)..hope u try someday...

Cham said...

I never heard it and had it too :) Parents are always adoring & loving their kids. All the pictures came out so well :) Credit to ur parents ...

Anonymous said...

one more konkani blogger...wow!
Just loved the step-wise pictures of preparing pathrawada.
Waiting for more konkani dishes..


Divya said...

Wow ranji,great pics and I am sure the pathrodo will be even more tastier!!!feel like having it NOW!!!

Jayashree said...

Lovely, lovely post and step-by-step pictures. I have had this just once....made by a maharashtrian friend.....and it tasted absolutely divine.....

Seena said...

Have seen this before in someother blogs.Would like to know how it tastes..spcl thanks to your parents.. !

ranji said...

yes all the credit for this post is for my parents:)...they will be very happy...
u havent heard abt it is coz its popular only among the konkani's..If u come across these pathra leaves(colocasia) try this out...its realllllllllly yummmmmmmmmmy!!!

Thank u so much..i will definitely post more konkani recipes...:)

Thank u.:).ya tell me abt it....i havent eaten it for a lonnnnnng time:(..no stock of these leaves here:(

Thank u very much..yes gujju's also make similar stuff but their version is slightly on the sweeter side and made with besan...totally different taste...even i have had it.

if u have seen this b4 thn its most probably made by a konkani blogger:)....u should definitely give it a try...it will open u into the world of konkani cuisine:)

A Cook @ Heart said...

Ooooooooooh !!! love this! we call it aLoo wadi! its been sooooooooo long since i ate this! sigh! can i come over please?

Vaishali said...

I remember eating these as a kid- they have a uniquely delicious flavor. I found the leaves once at my local Indian grocery store and tried making it- turned out pretty good. Yours looks great, Ranji.

ranji said...

aloo wadi!!wow..thats a new name for me...learning something new everyday:)..credit goes to my mom she made these.....and yes u can come anytime here always welcome..:).

Thank u...all credit goes to my mom..she made these...i havent made it for a long time now..i dont get these pathra leaves now:)

Divya Vikram said...

They look great..Havent tasted hem..Nice step by step instructions

Pooja said...

I love Pathrawada.
My mom made it a lot , till now I was thinking that this is a traditional Gujarati dish Only.We also call it the same . And they call it as "Patra" in each home in Gujarat . The process and ingredients all are same. I still wonder if it is originally Gujarati ot Konkani recipe. Whatever it is , it tastes good and I just love it. thanks for showing th step by step process of traditionally cooking it. I think sia and kajal both have the same on their blogs too .so possible it is famous in other regions too .

Miri said...

Phew thats some detailed dish - but worth every minute of the time it takes! Lovely!

ranji said...

THank u so much miri...yes it is worth every effort put in:)

Pallavi said...

hi ranji!!!!
the patravade recipe is great especially since its given in steps... the fruit pizza looks yummy too...thats a great experiment turned good!! keep posting more stuff! pics looking good too..!

ranji said...

thank u so much for that lovely comment...can u give ur webiste address..i couldnt find it when i clicked ur name...come back for more treats...

Pallavi said...

hi ranji...i logged on from my email. i dont have a website yet. hey u shd put the recipe of that snack u used to bring to the hostel.... with poha and papad....i bet nobody wd have heard abt it!!!

ranji said...

thank u pooja
yes gujarathi's also make pathrawada but a slightly different version...i did chk sia's and kajal's version too..thank u so much for the reference..
All 3 of us follwed the same method but the difference was in the batter.
Sia's and mine is almost the same with rice and coconut based batter but kajal's is made using chana flour/besan

ranji said...

yes palla i will post poha upkari recipe soon...people do make similar versions of it but i will post my version of the recipe.