Friday, March 21, 2008


Cabbage dosa is my all time favourite.Its so good and tasty that u dont even need a chutney to dip it in.Its that good.Its spicy and tangy taste makes it extremely good even as a side dish with pej/kanji.Unlike the regular dosa this dosa batter doesnt need fermentation.This is my entry to Srivalli's dosamela event .


Raw rice-2 cups
shredded coconut-1 cup
turmeric-2 tsp
cumin seeds-1 1/2 tsp
red chillies-4nos
tamarind concentrate-1 1/2 tbsp
asafoetida-1 tsp
salt to taste
cabbage-1 cup ,chopped fine
onion-1 medium size,chopped fine


Soak rice for 4-5 hrs in warm water.In a blender grind it smoothly to a fine paste with water and shift it into a bowl.In the same blender grind together ingredients from coconut-tamarind concentrate with water as well.Mix this with the grounded rice in the bowl.Add in the chopped cabbage and onions.Add salt as required.The consistency of the batter should be medium,not toot hick nor thin,that way it will be easier to spread.Keep it aside for half an hr.
Heat a tawa/griddle.When it gets hot pour a laddleful of batter onto it and spread it slowly.Spread it out as much as u can(if u find it difficult to spread then keep the dosa thick).Spread some oil over it and close it with a lid.Cook it on a medium flame.When u see the edges get brown turn it over .Press it gently all over and let it cook for a couple of minutes.
Serve it hot with rice or eat it on its own.


Dhivya said...

nice entry and creative too

Cham said...

Pretty different, nice entry

sandhya said...

nice dosa... very creative...

Annu said...

Sounds great.......nice entry.

Uma said...

wonderful dosa. looks yummy!

niya said...

Hi Rangi


I'm also a Konkani from Kerala, presently staying in Chennai.



Srivalli said...

Thanks for the nice dosa...and you can send as many you want!

ranji said...

Thank u all for ur lovely comments..i really appreciate ur support and encouragement...Thank u:)