Thursday, March 20, 2008


Idli is every south Indian's cherished item.They are soft,fluffy and round shaped cakes steamed in an idli maker.Its all a meal in itself and we have it not just for breakfast but for dinner too.
Recipe for making Idli batter is same as that for making dosa except that it should be grinded slightly coarse,texture similar to rava/sooji.Whenever i make the batter i make sure to make large quantity of it so that it stays the entire week or more.We make so many variations from it like idli for 1 day,masala dosa another day ,appam ,uttappam and the list goes on and still we dont get tired of it.
Click here for my batter recipe.
Pour some water into the vessel that holds the idli tray and heat it.Let it come to a boil.Until then fill the oil greased round moulds of the Idli maker with the batter .These moulds are perforated to allow the idli's to cook evenly.Close the lid.Let it cook for about 10-12 mins.Pork the center of the idli with a fork or knife.If it comes out clean then its done.
Serve it hot with sambar or chutney or a combination of both.
Sambar recipe follows.
There are so many variations of sambar .I usually have small onion sambar with my idlis and vegetable sambar with my rice.So here my recipe for Small onion sambar.
Toor dal-1/2 cup,cooked
Small onions-20 nos,sliced
tomato-2 nos,diced
sambar pdr-2 tbsp(check my recipe here)
curry leaves-1 sprig
mustard seens-1 tsp
red chillies-4-5 nos
cumin seeds-1 tsp
tamarind paste-1 tbsp
coriander leaves-a bunch(i use a lot coz i like the flavour of it in sambar)
salt to taste
Heat some oil in a pan.Add mustard seeds.When it starts to crackle add in the cumin seeds,curry leaves,red chillies and small onions.Ones the onions are soft and translucent add in the sambar pdr and tomato.Combine toordal and tamarind paste in a bowl and add into the pan.Pour some water if its too thick
Add salt and let it come to a boil.Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve it hot with idli/sambar.


Happy cook said...

Oh i love idli soaked in sambar like this.
Looks super delicious.

Dhivya said...

wow!love these sambar idli

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These are my favourite..

Seema said...

Thats a yummy Breakfast....Looks great!

ranji said...

happycook,dhivya,uma,divyavikram and seema...
I agree with all of is yummmmmmy and my fav too:)..Thank u all

Roopa said...

Hey loved the description on your blog and the snap:) Feel like gobbling that entire bowl of idli sambar and dosa -chutney :)

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Thank u so much for ur support and encouragement roopa:)

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looks good Ranji:)

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