Friday, March 28, 2008


Hi friends!!i started this blog without thinking how much ppl are gonna respond to my recipes.But the response has been soo great that i am so happy and motivated.Your constant support and encouragement has phenominally helped me improve my posts every time.I would like to thank each and everyone of u for ur support and encouragement and i hope u will keep doing the same.CHEERS TO U ALL AND THE BLOGGING WORLD!!!

If you havent got the chance to answer my this weeks TQ please click here


Uma said...

Hi Ranji! As you said, we all get encouragement from fellow blog friends by their sweet comments. It's really a good idea to express thanks to all those who encourage us. good one. For myself, I feel that I am really blessed to get the idea of blogging, or else how could I make so many good friends like here!

Cham said...

Blogger world is full of fun. U will definetly get support and encouragements showering all the time. Keep doing ur best , they are all sweet bloggers :)Appreciate ur note.

Dhivya said...

As cham and uma said we all get encouragement from blog friends by their sweet comments...nice idea of thanking...keep going

Siri said...

Food Bloggin World is really amazing Ranji..:D 6 months back, even I was new to this food blogging, but in a very short span of time, I was lucky to have many virtual friends.. and some of them are my bestest of friends now.. Wishing you a very Happy Food Blogging Ranji. take care and You indeed have a very nice n cute blog!


Siri said...

by the way, are u part of 'Taste of India' - an Indian Food BlogRoll! Its really an amazing way to get to know more n more readers like me..:)