Friday, March 28, 2008

more FFF(fun food facts) and TQ's(trivia question)

Here some more interesting FFF i came across.

Pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables

The average pumpkin weighs between 10 and 30 pounds. The winner of the 2003 biggest pumpkin contest weighed 1,140 pounds.

It takes between four and five pounds of grapes to make one pound of raisins

Most raisins are made from the Thompson Seedless variety of grapes. Because you can keep them indefinitely without having them spoil, raisins are a good choice for long trips.

Did you know that bananas are considered to be the greatest body builders among the fruit foods?

They have tissue building ability. Serve daily and you will have better health and save money! Do not keep bananas in the refrigerator.

Honey heals wounds?

Use Honey to help heal a small wound.Apply the honey to the bandage, notdirectly on the wound. Honey will help prevent scarring.

The answer to last week's TQ:
I was first discovered thousands of years ago, growing in the Andes mountains in South America. However, my early ancestors were small and rather bitter tasting. I was introduced to India in the early 17th century, reaching China a short time thereafter. Upon my arrival in Europe I was called a variety of names, some of which had to do with my resemblance to a truffle. Today, I am the main ingredient in an extremely popular snack food that no fast food restaurant would be caught without. What am I?

Thanks to everyone who responded and each and everyone of u did get it right:))). And also my heart congrats to all those who got it right!!!

And now this week's TQ .

On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking an oath?

I have to say this but please "NO CHECKING ON INTERNET OR BOOKS" for answers:)).My friends lets have some fun,take some wild guesses :).THANK U


Dhivya said...

lovely tips:))and the answer for TQ is ' '.he he i found answer through google search..but i wont tell...i let others to guess!!!!!!!(sorry really i didnt have patience to think,,i googled out and found!!!!kudos to u)

Roopa said...

Garlic :) ??

Swati Raman Garg said...

my guess 'onions'... iam an onion freak... and i remember in my college days i said i swear by my onions... and a fren made fun of me... look at our egyptian princess... she swears by the onions.. then i thought she was just legpulling.. but this sounds possible.. dejavu kinds.. and she was an avid reader.. i shud go by her words...mayb am right... hey dhivya... i know how am i controlling... not to do a google on it...
and what about the other question on fast food veggie?

ranji said...

hey swathi thank u so much for ur response...i have said the answer for the fast food veggie in that corresponding post....yes u all were correct the answer to previous trivia is potato:)..that was an easy one huh!!:)..I will post the answer in this post also so that everyone can see ...will give the answer for this one after i get some more responses:)..and thank u soo much for not googling:)))

ranji said...

THank u roopa for the response but garlic is not correct but u were close..the answer is a similar smelling veggie:).I have given out he answer in my TQ post