Wednesday, January 30, 2008


well burfi of any kind is delicious but my favourite is coconut burfi.This a simple recipe and a very simple process which anyone can make in less than 30 mins.


coconut pdr- 1 cup

condensed milk-1/2 of 14oz can

cardamam pdr-1tsp


In a non stick pan,lightly toast the coconut pdr on a medium low flame.Take care so that it doesnt turn brown.toast it until u start getting the smell of the coconut pdr for aprroximately 3-4 mins.then add the condensed milk and stir together until it starts coming together forming a ball.Add cardamam pdr and stir for one last time and remove from heat. While its hot spread it on cookie sheet or a plate.Before spreading give a light coating of butter to the plate so that the burfi doesnt stick to it and comes off easily .Cut the barfi into any desirable shapes u want immediately after spreading because cutting will be difficult ones the burfi hardens.Keep it in the refrigerator for atleast half an hr before eating.I hope u all will give it a try and leave comments on how u liked it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


semiya payasam
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This is a common recipe in India during festival times.Pudding is made from variety of items like rice,rava etc..Today am posting one of my favourites that is semiya pudding or payasam as we call it.


Semiya/vermicilli-1 cup

Milk-4 cups

sugar-1 1/2 cups

cardamam pdr-1/2tsp

Ghee-1 tbsp

saffron-a pinch(optional)

cashews and raisins


On medium flame roast semiya in a deep pan in a little bit of ghee until it turns brown evenly.Add milk into it and bring it to a boil.the semiya/vermicilli will cook in the milk.When it becomes slightly soft add sugar into it.Keep stirring frequently so tht the milk doesnt burn at the bottom.After some time the mixture starts to get thick.You will know its thick when u dip a spoon into it and a coating of the mixture stays on the spoon.Off the flame. Keep in mind not to make it too thick to off the flame coz even when u switch off the flame semiya keeps absorbing the liquid and finally when it cools down there wont be any liquid left.So switch off the flame when it starts coating the spoon.Add cardamam pdr to it.In a separate pan fry cashews and rasins and then add it to the pudding.Add a pinch of saffron to it for better flavour.

Serve it at the end of a meal ,cold!!!


HMMMMMMMM……The sound of gulab jamun itself makes my mouth water.This is one amazing sweet created my man.I am sure many of u will agree with me.Making this sweet from scratch is as easy as we eat it.Here goes the recipe.


Mawa/Khoya-1 1/2 cups
All purpose flour/maida-3 tbsp
baking soda-a pinch
cardamam pdr-1tsp
Milk-3-4 tbsp as needed
ghee/oil for frying


Sugar-1 cup
water-2 cup


Grate mawa/khoya and keep aside.Add flour and half of the cardamam pdr to grated mawa.Adding little milk at a time mix the dough .Make sure u dont add lot of milk.The quantity should be just right enough to make it a soft dough.Adding toomuch wont hold the dough properly and too less will crack the dough and break while frying.after making the dough let it rest for half an hr.In the menatime make the syrup by boiling the sugar and the water.Add rest of the cardamam pdr into the syrup.
Make small balls of the dough of equal sizes,approximately lemon ball size.Heat the ghee/oil on medium and while frying turn the heat to low otherwise inside of the jamun will be undercooked.Ones the jamuns are fried put it in the syrup.Let the jamuns soak in the syrup for atleast an hr before serving.
Serve it warm or cold.Hope u enjoy!!!


Pulao is a signature item that my mom used to make for us during special occasions.Since we got it only occasionally we used to treasure every bit of it.My mom's pulao is the best i have eaten in my whole life.Here's the recipe.


Basmati rice-2 cups
Onions-2 nos sliced lengthwise
green beans & carrot-1 cup(diagonally chopped)
cauliflower-1 cup
green peas-1/2 cup
cashews & raisins
croutons(bread cut in cubes and fried or baked)


coriander leaves-a bunch
mint leaves-a bunch
onion-small piece 1/4 piece
cinnamon stick-1
greenchillies-3-4 nos
ginger-1" piece
garlic-3 cloves


Soak the rice for 1 hr.In a vessel add a tsp of butter and stir fry the vegetables in a tbsp of the grounded masala and salt until they r half cooked.Keep it aside.In the same vessel add a tbsp of butter and the rest of the masala.Fry it till the raw smell goes.Then add the soaked rice and roast it with the masala until it is slightly brown.After its done pour this entire mixture into a rice cooker or pressure cooker.Add water,salt and all the vegetables except green peas and onions.If you are using rice cooker then it will switch off automatically ones all the water is absorbed so no worry about that.But if using pressure cooker keep in mind not to over cook just 1-2 whistles will do otherwise the rice will end up mashed.Fry cashews and raisins and keep aside.Ones the rice is done add the fried onions and peas on top.Garnish with cashews and raisins.For extra flavour add croutons on top.


This is one the popular breakfast dishes in kerala.Its very light and yummy.I never got the oppurtunity to make this since i didnt have the appachatti(a very shallow depth wok specially for making aappam).Recently my inlaws got it for me when they came to visit us.I was so thrilled and happy that finally i will be able to eat it.Here’s the recipe.


Raw rice-2 cups
coconut-1 cup
a handful of cooked rice
Instant rise yeast-1 envelope
sugar-1 tbsp
salt to taste


Soak the rice for 5-6 hrs.Grind it to a smooth paste adding water and set it aside. Activate the yeast in water and leave it aside for 10 mins.Grind coconut and cooked rice with water to a smooth paste.Mix it with the grounded rice.Add the dissolved yeast,salt and sugar.Do not add salt directly to the yeast as that will prevent yeast from activating.The batter should be of thin consistency like that of butter milk.Since we used rapid yeast the batter will ferment in 2 hrs or less and does not need overnight fermentation.Heat the appachatti in medium flame.Pour some batter into the wok,lift the wok quickly and in a rotatary motion spread the batter evenly so tht its thin at the ends and thick at the centre(as shown in the photos above).Close the wok for a couple of mins.When the edge turns brown u will know its done.serve it hot with fish curry or veg.stew.