Tuesday, January 29, 2008


semiya payasam
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This is a common recipe in India during festival times.Pudding is made from variety of items like rice,rava etc..Today am posting one of my favourites that is semiya pudding or payasam as we call it.


Semiya/vermicilli-1 cup

Milk-4 cups

sugar-1 1/2 cups

cardamam pdr-1/2tsp

Ghee-1 tbsp

saffron-a pinch(optional)

cashews and raisins


On medium flame roast semiya in a deep pan in a little bit of ghee until it turns brown evenly.Add milk into it and bring it to a boil.the semiya/vermicilli will cook in the milk.When it becomes slightly soft add sugar into it.Keep stirring frequently so tht the milk doesnt burn at the bottom.After some time the mixture starts to get thick.You will know its thick when u dip a spoon into it and a coating of the mixture stays on the spoon.Off the flame. Keep in mind not to make it too thick to off the flame coz even when u switch off the flame semiya keeps absorbing the liquid and finally when it cools down there wont be any liquid left.So switch off the flame when it starts coating the spoon.Add cardamam pdr to it.In a separate pan fry cashews and rasins and then add it to the pudding.Add a pinch of saffron to it for better flavour.

Serve it at the end of a meal ,cold!!!

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