Wednesday, January 30, 2008


well burfi of any kind is delicious but my favourite is coconut burfi.This a simple recipe and a very simple process which anyone can make in less than 30 mins.


coconut pdr- 1 cup

condensed milk-1/2 of 14oz can

cardamam pdr-1tsp


In a non stick pan,lightly toast the coconut pdr on a medium low flame.Take care so that it doesnt turn brown.toast it until u start getting the smell of the coconut pdr for aprroximately 3-4 mins.then add the condensed milk and stir together until it starts coming together forming a ball.Add cardamam pdr and stir for one last time and remove from heat. While its hot spread it on cookie sheet or a plate.Before spreading give a light coating of butter to the plate so that the burfi doesnt stick to it and comes off easily .Cut the barfi into any desirable shapes u want immediately after spreading because cutting will be difficult ones the burfi hardens.Keep it in the refrigerator for atleast half an hr before eating.I hope u all will give it a try and leave comments on how u liked it.


rv said...

Hey this is good, i didnt know u used coconut powder for this, I have it too :) great:) iam gonna add you to my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic....i am going to try this soon.i hav a doubt.please clear it.can i substitute coconut scrapings (grated coconut)for coconut powder?
expecting more instant desserts........

ranji said...

Hi ....yes u can use grated coconut..thats what is usually used.roast the grated coconut a lil bit until it turns slightly pink.dont make it brown.Tell me how it is after u make it :)

Anonymous said...

dear ranji..
i tried your coconut burfi today.first of all i put the grated coconut in a microwave for 7 mints (4+2+1)stiring it occasionally.then i powdered it in a mixie after cooling.then made the burfi as said in the recipie. i added some pistas and cashews which made it irresistable..... thank u and expecting more delicacies from you

ranji said...

Hi i am very happy that it came out well.i will post more instant desserts.