Monday, March 3, 2008


Milk chocolate chips-1 cup
cream-2 tbsp
coffee pdr-1 tsp
orange zest-of 1 whole orange
Toasted coarsely grinded nuts-i used cashew nuts
powdered sugar
melted white chocolate
In a bowl combine chocolate chips,coffee pdr and cream.Heat it in microwave for 30sec-1 min approx. and melt it.Whisk it till its all smooth and thick.Add in the orange zest and stir it till its all mixed.Refrigerate for about an hr.Scoop it out using a spoon and make small balls of it.
Keep the coatings ready on separate plates.Now roll each ball over the coatings u like and refrigerate it for atleast half an hr to 1 hr before u can eat it.


Namratha said...

WOWW! Those look yummy!

Happy cook said...

Just superb. Would love to have few

ranji said...

hi namratha...thank u so much:)

@happy cook
thank u very much...i would love to send some:)

Aparna said...

These truffles look pretty good too.

Roopa said...

hi ranji, do we have to refrigerate it ? or freeze it?

ranji said...

hey roopa..
u have to refrigerate it not freeze...

Bappa said...

ranji dear
Hereafter I am not buying choclate from store send me some