Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I love fish, can have it every single day.Most of the time i try making the kerala type fish dishes like fish molay or meen pollichathu or fish fry. For me making those dishes are really tough because even though they are edible they dont come close to perfection.But this one is as perfect as it can be.Credit goes to my brother who taught me to cook this. I never thought such simple ingredients could make a fish so tasty. He served it on top of some caramelized onions and pepper. YUMMY!!!Its melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Its great as an appetiser.My l'il one  loves it too. This is just one of the many tasty dishes i got out of my brother, hoping for more :).


Fish fillet - 1-2 nos(i used tilapia. You can use any white fish like catfish or flounder)
Dry oregano
Dry thyme
Dill weed
Salt and pepper
No particular measurements just spread as much or as less as you want.
(You can use any combination of dry herbs that you have in your pantry)


First clean the fish and wipe it dry.Apply some oil on both sides of the fish to help the herbs and salt stick to it.Put salt,pepper,and herbs all over the fish on both sides.Press it gently so tht they stick well to the fish.

Heat a tbsp each of butter and oil in a wide cast-iron skillet.When its smoking hot put the fish in the skillet and let it cook for couple of minutes on both sides.This fish cooks pretty fast.Transfer it to a paper towel to absorb the extra oil. Serve warm on the side of white rice  or as an appetizer.


Suja said...

Flavorful fish,wonderful recipe..

Vandana Rajesh said...

wow !! Drooling over your really delicious looking flavourful fish.