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Biryani is a family of primarily South Asian dishes made from a mixture of spices, rice (usually basmati), meat/vegetables and yogurt. It was spread through out the Middle East and South Asia by Muslim travellers and merchants. The name is derived from the Persian word beryā which means "fried" or "roasted". There are many kinds of biryanis and each kind has a uniqueness about it.

Here i have prepared chicken biriyani and its my hubby's all time favorite.He always asks me to prepare it whenever i ask him what he wants to eat and that is quite often.Very easy to prepare and tastes really delicious.I have prepared rice and gravy separately and then mixed it together in the end.


Basmati rice - 2 cups

chicken - boneless or with bone chicken breasts/thighs cut to medium size pieces

onions - 2 medium size, sliced

tomato-1 medium size ,diced

ginger-garlic paste-2 tsp+2 tsp

turmeric pdr - 1 tsp + 1 tsp

chilli pdr- 1tsp

cumin pdr - 1 tsp

garam masala -1 tsp + 1 tsp

coriander pdr-3 tsp

cinnamon stick - 1 whole piece

whole clove - 4-5

whole mace-1 tsp

whole cardamam pods - 3-4 nos

green chillies-3-4 nos,slit

water-4 cups

curd- 3 tbsp + for marination

lemon juice-few drops

coriander leaves - a bunch

fried onions to garnish

cashews and raisins to garnish

salt and pepper



Marinate the chicken in a mixture of chilli pdr,coriander pdr,turmeric,gin-gar paste,black pepper,garam masala , cumin pdr,lemon juice and some curd for atleast 3 hrs.Wash and clean the rice 2 -3 times and keep aside.Soak it in water for atleast half an hr.

At this point of time if you want you can deep fry the chicken half way through(not for a long time else it will become dry and hard)purpose is to make the pieces little firm.I didnt fry it this time but i have done it that way also and it tastes yummy too.

RICE PREPARATION:-Drain the water from the rice and keep it aside.Warm a thick bottom vessel and put 2 tsp of ghee.When its hot put whole cinnamon stick,cardamam pods,mace and cloves.Then add a tsp of turmeric pdr.After a while put the drained rice into it and fry for some time approx. 10 mins.Then pour water to it and salt to taste.Put on high heat and cover the lid.After some time when water is not visible on top of rice,bottom rice can get burnt do then open thelid and mix the rice.After rice is cooked keep it closed for a while approx. half an hr.

GRAVY PREPARATION :-Heat a vessel and add some oil/ghee.When it is hot add gin-gar paste and green chillies.Saute for sometime and then add cut onions.Saute it and when its nicely done add coriander pdr,chilli pdr ,turmeric pdr,pepper and garam masala.Add salt to taste.Saute tht again and after a while add curd to it.Mix it well.then add the chicken pieces.Cover and cook for 10 mins and then add diced tomatoes.Cover and cook stirring in between.When gravy is thick like a paste check salt.Add some coriander leaves in the end.Fry raisins and cashews in few drops of oil and keep aside.

Now slowly mix rice and the gravy together or u can keep it in layers in the order rice,gravy and ,fried onions.Repeat this layer until everything is over.I like to mix everything together in the end rather than keeping it in layers.Now cover the lid and cook it on very low flame for 20mins.

Serve it hot with raita

onions-1 no, sliced
tomato-1 no,diced
green chillies -2 nos,chopped
curd-4-5 tbsp
coriander leaves to garnish
salt to taste
In a bowl,combine onions,tomato and green chilies with some salt .Squeeze and mix it all together with hand.I know its a slightly messy job but its all worth it.Smooth out some curd with a whisk and add it to this mix.Serve it chilled with biriyani.


Happy cook said...

I love biriyani and yours look delicious.
And i learned more about the dish from your post. Didn't know about the name comming from persia

Dhivya said...

wow!ranji it looks so tempting!!!!!!!love the color

Barbara said...

Hi Ranji thank you for supporting A Tastse of Yellow. Your Chicken Biriyani sound wonderful.

Srivalli said...

Ranji..that looks so yummy..

Sagari said...

wish I could grab that plate ,DELECIOUSS ranji

Purnima said...

Ranji, hi! This recipe is great, read n re-read till i remember :D The pic of dish looks yum!

Archana said...

The biriyani looks mouth watering Ranji ! Wil;l give it a try soon :)

Archana said...

Ranji !!!!! The biriyani looks yummy ...I am going to try making it soon :)

Cham said...

Wonderful colour, great entry too Ranji

Revathi said...

Delicious entry for Livestrong event.

Medhaa said...

Looks really good. This kind of Biryani where the rice and gravy are made seperately is normally called Dum Biryani.

ranji said...

hi thank u all for the lovely comments...
@happycook i am happy to know that u learned something new from my post:)
@purnima,archana..i hope u will make it soon now u know the recipe...let me know how it came out..
@medha..thank u so much for letting me know..i didnt know learnig something new everyday:)

sandhya said...

biriyani looks delicious... nice entry...

Seena said...

Today is our usual biryani day, innu veykkenda ennu karuthiyatha, appozhitha Raji ividannu kothi pidichu.. Am going to make it.. :)

ranji said...

hi very happy indeed that u r going to make let me know how it came out:)

Mansi Desai said...

that looks really beautiful Ranji! I have to try a veggie biryani soon!:)

Anonymous said...

hey Ranji,

we tried it and it was awesome too!!

Wanted to send some pics... but could not attach it here.

otherwise you keep up the good work.


So Simple said...

Saw your entry in Barbara's Livestrong Round Up and it looks great.
I love Biriyani and quite like the layered versions. Will try this at some stage.

Sailaja Damodaran said...

Congrats....collect ur award from

Sanghi said...

Yummy chicken briyani ranji.. first time here! I'm following..! Do check my blog!

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