Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Poha upkari or mixture as its commonly known is an excellent snack to take with tea/coffee.Its spicy ,crispy and very easy to prepare.During my college days in manipal i used to take packet full of these for my friends in hostel.They used to love it and so one of my very good friend pallavi requested for this recipe.So here it goes...

Poha/flattened rice - 3 cups
peanuts-1 cup
pappad-1/4 cup,cut lengthwise to abt 1 1/2"
sev- 1/4 cup,store bought
mustard seeds-1 tbsp
curry leaves- a bunch
green chillies - 10 nos, slit
cumin seeds - 1 1/2 tbsp
dalia - 3 tbsp
turmeric- 3 tsp
asafoetida - 1 tsp
salt -2-3 tsp


In a large pan/skillet (preferably non stick)heat about a tbsp of oil on a medium flame .When the oil gets hot add mustard seeds.After it starts to crackle add cumin seed,dalia,asafoetida,curry leaves and green chillies.Roast it by constantly stirring them.Its important to keep the flame on medium or slightly lower than that otherwise it will get burnt.When the green chillies and curry leaves start to crisp add the peanuts and asafoetida.Slowly roast the peanuts for about 15-20 mins or until it gets slightly brown.Now add turmeric and salt.Then add poha and mix every thing together.Keep stirring it until poha gets crisp and gets the yellow color evenly.The ywllow color will slowly impart while its getting crisp.So stir it constantly till it gets crisp.Let it cool down before eating.Deep fry the pappad and add to the mixture.After it cools store it in a dry container.It lasts for a long time.

If you are a big fan of garlic then u can also fry garlic along with green chillies and curry leaves .My cousin roopa of rvkitchentreats suggested this to me.This gives a nice added flavor to the upkari.


Happy cook said...

Wish i was there with you in the hostel that time.
I have only had them from shopes and never home made.
And as always i think home made are the best ones.

Dhivya said...

perfect tea time snack!!!looks so yumm

Divya Vikram said...

Bookmarking this and preparing tomo with tea..Thanks for sharing dear..

Seena said...

U make this at home? delicious..!

Divya said...

Wow phova upkari looks yum yum.My hubby's favourite snack..he loves it if crushed garlic is added to phanna/tadka..nice entry.

Uma said...


Madhuram said...

Such a crispy yet healthy snack. I will try it definitely. I think I have some poha left.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

This ones indeed a perfect tea time snack!! I have one version of this on my blog too, but very different from yours!! btw, you studied in MIT,Manipal??? So did I!!! I was there from '98-'02. Which year did you graduate? Good to see a fellow MITian :)

Medhaa said...

nice recipe, thanks for sharing

Vanamala said...

nice hot hot mixture :)

Madhavi said...

Very nice recipe, delicious. looks great:)))

Trupti said...

hey rajji,
upkari looks delicious thanks for sharing this recipe.

ranji said...

trupthi,madhavi,vanamala,medhaa,uma,seena,dhivya..Thank u so much

divya vikram ,madhuram....plz let me know how it came out...

happy cook..yes u r right nothing tastes better than homemade food especially when we can control the amount of oil going in our body!!!

Thanks divya...yes u can also add crushed garlic..roopa had made some with garlic and i was fortunate enough to taste it.was really delicious.

ramya..thank u very much .i am also really happy to have met a fellow mitian :)..

Roopa said...

Hi ranji, thanks for mentioning my blog here:) Thats really kind of you:) I liked your pic a lot:) I just finished making a batch a few days back and its already empty :-D Isnt it a really nice and healthy snack we love:)

You know I am gonna add your recent posts too in mine, ...these days i have just been lazing around, have to blog-up now :))

ranji said...

ur most welcome dear!!!yes our batch is also over..need to make another batch soon:)...eagerly waiting for ur recipes...and thank u :)