Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I love fish.I hate to admit it but i can never cook a fish right.I dont even want to think the number of times i have had failures when dealing with it.I always tend to overcook it.the only way i can forgot those mishaps is when i make fish cutlets.I Thank god that atleast i can make this good.They come out so crispy that every bite has a crunch.My hubby n bro absolutely love it.So here is the recipe.


Canned tuna - 1 , small

Potato - 1 large or 2 small ones,mashed

onions - 1/2 of a large onion,diced

freshly grated gin-gar - 1 tbsp

green chillies - 2 nos , chopped fine

curry leaves - 1 sprig , coarsely chopped

fenugreek seeds - 1/4 tsp

turmeric pdr - 1 tsp

red chilli pdr - 1 tsp

coriander pdr - 1 1/2 tsp

lime juice - 1 1/2 tsp

coriander leaves - a small bunch,chopped fine

salt to taste

oil to fry


All purpose flour


or 1 egg

Bread crumbs


Season the mashed potatoes with salt and keep aside.Heat a tbsp of oil in a pan.Add green chilies,curryleaves and grated gin-gar.Stir for few seconds ans then add methi seeds.Stir again and then add onions,turmeric,red chilli pdr, and salt.Saute till they are get golden brown.Then add some coriander pdr.Drain off all the liquid from the can and gently mash the tuna using ur fingers and add into the pan.Saute for a couple of mins and then add the mashed potatoes.Mix until they all come together.Add some chopped cilantro and some lime juice.Chk the salt.Its important that the mixture is dry ,free from any moisture otherwise the cutlets will turn out very oily and the patties wont hold tightly and break off while frying.Refrigerate the mixture for atleast 2-3 hrs before making patties.

On a plate make a thin paste combining some flour with water(you can use egg if u wish). On another plate add breadcrumbs.Now make small oval or round shaped patties of the mixture 1 by 1 and dip it in the bread crumbs to get a thin coat.Then dip it in the flour paste mixture and coat on both sides.Immediately take and dip it in the breadcrumbs again and give a thick coating of it.Keep it aside on a plate until all the patties are done.

In a shallow pan fill oil half way through.Heat it on medium high and when it gets really hot slowly drop the patties 1 by one.Be careful not to overcrowd the pan.This will make the cultlets very oily.They should be fried on high temp as quick as possible.Fry till 1 side turns brown,then flip and brown the other side too.Transfer it onto a paper towel to drain off the excess oil.Serve hot with ketchup.

I finally managed to take a click to send to Jai and Bee's click event-Beans and Lentils.

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Hetal said...

hey Ranji thats a nice click!!!

Suma Rajesh said...

hey..this looks the same way i make it at home...but slight variaion ...will update my recipe soon....its looks really cripsy

Sangeeth said...

looks very yummy ranji...click is too good dear...

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

nice cutlets, yum yum!! I have a can of tuna, if I get around to making this, I will let you know!! and the CLICK pic is superb, great idea! good shot!

Cham said...

Click is beautiful, love the reflection....
Fish cutlet, yum i love fish in any form, so crispy and tempting one Ranji!

Roopa said...

hi ranji, very good click!! I vote for you:) Tuna cutlets looks yummy:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ranji,thanks for visiting my blog!

wow, what a lovely lentils photo! :)
and an interesting way to use canned tuna!

indosungod said...

Ranji, that is just the most tempting fish cutlet I have seen. You made it with canned tuna! Even better, easy find.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is the second fish cutlet i am seeing on the blogs this week. Loved ur recipe too. Looks good. Loved the concept of double dipping of bread crumbs. Have to try it out....

Divya Vikram said...

Lovely Click Ranji..and the fish cutlets lok awesome

Sujatha said...

great looking cutlets, ranji! I do make a similar version of this, but its been months since I've tried it.. Your recipe is tempting me to try soon :)

Sujatha said...

those fish cutlets look yummy! I make almost a similar version of fish cutlets, but its been months making it. Your recipe is tempting me to try it soon!

bee said...

thanks for your entry, dear ranji.

notyet100 said...

this lloks nice nd yummy,,,somethin hvent tried still...nd superb click,..

Arundathi said...

i love your beans! the reflection is quite superb!

Purnima said...

Ranji, superbbbb! The color of the cutlet gives a major hint abt its taste too! Wow..shall try it out. thks for sharing! :D

Asha said...

First of all, gorgeous photo of lentils, looks wonderful!
Fish cutlets is yummy although I make those much!:)

Happy cook said...

Beautiful click and yummy cutlets.

ranji said...

thank u so much for ur lovely comments!!!i really appreciate ur feedbacks...it constantly keeps me motivating..thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice photograph of beans. I am going to take your cue and make something with the tuna can for the husband;), can't fry tho so will work around it and let you know. Being a vegetarian and never handled it, I didn't know how to make Indian style dishes with tuna. Thanks for an interesting recipe.