Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Paneer is one of my favorite ingredients to cook with.Every 2 weeks i prepare paneer with the leftover milk we have.I try to prepare different dishes with it everytime i make a fresh batch.Most of the time i end up cooking varieties of sidedishes with it but this time i made a rice dish by combining it with corn.Its a very simple pulao with not much spices, the flavor of corn and paneer makes it exceptional.I cooked the rice and the corn and spices mixture separately and then mixed it together.Finally topped it with fried paneer.The result is something out of the world.

I am sending this dish to Valli's Rice Mela .This is my post on day 19 of RM 2.

Basmati rice - 1 cup
Paneer - 2 cup , diced small
corn kernels - 1 can
cinnamon - 1 stick
cardamam - 2 whole
gin-gar paste - 2 tsp
green chillies - 3 nos, slit
coriander leaves - a bunch, chopped

Clean and soak the rice for 20-30 mins.In a vessel boil some water.When it starts to boil add the rice into it.Do not cover the lid.Stir the rice ones in between.Keep checking the rice since it will cook fast ones its soaked in water before.When the rice is just cooked drain the water completely.You will see that the rice is very fluffy.Keep aside.

In a wide flat bottom vessel heat some oil.Add cinnamon and cardamam.Stir for a few seconds and then add gin-gar paste.Stir for a few more secs and then add the corn kernels( drain the water from the can).Add salt and stir for some time about 5-6 mins or until any liquid in the pan evaporates.Add the coriander leaves and rice.Slowly mix in all the ingredients.Be careful not to break the rice ,it will loose its fluffiness.

In a pan heat some oil.Drop the paneer cubes and fry it until it turns brown on 2 sides.Reserving half of it aside, add the rest into the rice and slowly mix it in.Put the remaing on top of the rice to garnish.Serve hot with raita.I had it with some deliciously roasted cumin potatoes(recipe tomo).

Dont forget to chk my fellow marathoners blog.I cant wait to see what these gals have posted today!!!
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Happy cook said...

Beautiful, love the yellow corn inbetween.
Delicious too.

Curry Leaf said...

Looks beautiful.will try it.

Srivalli said...

It looks so tempting Ranji..thanks for sending it!

Cham said...

Just eye catching ur pulaov!

Roopa said...

Hi Ranji, the pulao is beautiful, especially the grilled look of paneer and the color of the corn in between :)

Medhaa said...

I love cooking with paneer too, this is just amazing love the combo am sure it tasted great

Bhawana said...

wow i am too tired today just looking at ur pulao felt a bit refreshed. looks sooo tempting. yuuuummmy.

Madhu said...

I never added corn with rice, looks nice, will do it next time.

Suma Rajesh said...

loved the colour of corns on white coloured rice...perfect rice item.

Divya Kudua said...

Oh Ranji..that plate looks so inviting..and hats off to you for coming up with such simple and delicious recipes..paneer and corn,both are my favorites and this one is bookmarked..shall try it out and let you know..;-)

rekhas kitchen said...

wow yummy nice combo with your chicken vindaloo yaar will try this combo

Anonymous said...

Good post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.