Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On a cold ,rainy day nothings more comforting than slurping on a bowl of hot soup.A bowl of any soup is the best thing to have when one wants a light meal for dinner.My all time favorite is tomato soup and sweet corn soup.When my mom was here she prepared sweet corn soup for us.It was one of the best.
This soup is my post on day 5 of RM.


Baby corn - 3-4 pieces,thinly sliced
carrot, beans -1 cup each, cut into small pieces
cabbage - 1 cup, shredded
mushroom - 1 cup , sliced
cream of corn - 1 can
green peas - 1/2 cup
water/vegetable stock - 6 cups
garlic - 1 tbsp,chopped
flour - 1 tbsp

cream - 1 tbsp
butter - 1 tbsp ,divided into 3 parts
salt and pepper


In a large flat bottom pot,melt 1st part of the butter , fry half of the mushroom ,cool and grind it to a paste.Keep aside.In the same pot melt the 2nd part of the butter and fry all the vegetables slightly and keep aside. In the same pot melt the remaining butter, add garlic and fry for sometime.Then add the flour .Cook the flour till its raw taste disappears.Pour water/vegetable stock slowly and bring to boil. Add the grinded mushroom paste and the fried vegetables. Pour in a can of cream of corn.Season it with salt and pepper(I add a lot of pepper since it goes really well with corn and tastes fantastic).Cover and let it simmer for 5 mins.Serve hot in a bowl with a swirl of cream on top.

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Divya Vikram said...

Sounds perfect in this cold weather Ranji!

srikars kitchen said...

looks really yummy & sounds delciious,,.. thxs for visiting my blog & ur comment...

Happy cook said...

Sweet corn soup is one of my all time favourite soup. This looks yumm.

Roopa said...

wow ranji, i love soups, and this is mine and vijay's favortite, especially sweet corn chicken soup:)

raaji said...

that seems so simple......hey was that justa allpurpose flour or corn flour

Divya Kudua said...

That soup bowl is so tempting Ranji..I too love having home-made tomato and sweet corn soups..adding baby corn is a great idea..and yeah,when mothers prepare anything it tastes divine,isn't it?

Cham said...

Great to warm up this cold days.

Arundathi said...

sweet corn soup is my absolute favorite. I even ordered it instead of dessert when i was a kid! :-)

kamala said...

Perfect for cold days Ranji..Nice one to share

Curry Leaf said...

absolutely delicious.I too have one on the works.Warm and comforting especially on wintry nights.I love all types off soups though.

srikars kitchen said...

something is waiting for u in my site, check it out...

Madhu said...

Looks comforting, good to have during cold season.

Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

it is our all time favorite soup. it is long since i have made it now. looks so very tempting and perfect.

Sireesha said...

Soup looks creamy and rich ranji:)

Medhaa said...

I can have this anytim eof the day. Looks delicious

Bhawana said...

hey Ranji, soup looks mouthwatering.... yummmmmmy

rekhas kitchen said...

looks mouthwatering perfect for winter

Vij said...

my most fav soup! urs looks perfect n tempting!

lakshmi said...

you know what, i don't think there's a single soup on our blog - may be i should post sometime!

your soup reminds me of my dad - he too packs it with veggies :)

ranji said...

Thank u all for ur lovely comments..
raaji i used corn flour..u can also use all purpose flour.Should fry it a little to remove its raw taste.

DK said...

Its so cold and misty out here...all I need is your bowl of warm soup and some nice crusty home made bread which I dint have to bake! aaah Bliss! care to send it over? ;)