Friday, February 29, 2008


Ghasi is usually a curry in which the gravy is made by roasting and grinding coconut,dry red chilli,coriander seeds.This gravy remains common for different varieties of ghassi we konkani’s eat.Its an all time favourite in my family.I hope u all too enjoy it.So here goes the recipe.


Toor dal cooked-1/4 cup
cauliflower-1/2 size,cut into florets
potatoes-2 nos,diced large
drumsticks frozen or fresh-cut to a finger length(optional)
chick peas/chana cooked-1 cup
tamarind juice as per ones taste
curry leaves
salt to taste


coconut shredded-1 cup
coriander seeds-1 tbsp
dry red chillies-4 nos(more if u like it more spicy)


Roast coconut,red chilies and coriander seeds till the coconut is evenly brown in color .Grind this with tamarind to a fine paste adding lil water and keep it aside.Boil cauliflower and potatoes in water and salt.when it satrts to boil add curry leaves and drumsticks.Combine the cooked toor dal and the blended masala in one vessel and nicely mash the toor dal .Add the cooked chickpeas/chana into the vegetables and and reduce the heat to low.Now add the masala with toor dal.Adjust the seasoning.Close the lid and let it simmer for another 15 mins.Serve it with rice.
It tastes best the next day.I hope u all enjoy this konkani dish.


Dhivya said...

First time here..nice blog dear...ghasi looks great..must try

ranji said...

hi dhivya...thank u so much.let me know how it came out after u tried:)

Seema said...

Hi Ranji- First time at your blog, very nice! Glad to know of another Konkani blogger :-) Cauliflower Ghassi looks good.

ranji said...

Hi seema,thank u so much.I am also very happy to know of another konkani blogger.Just visited ur blog,a great collection of recipes u have thr.

Vaishali said...

Ranji- the ghasi looks great. I am really glad to discover your blog because I am half-konkani (my dad's side) and I absolutely adore the flavor of konkani cuisine. Will look forward to seeing more of your recipes!

ranji said...

hi vaishali..i am indeed very happy u found my site and i promise u that i will post more konkani recipes.Thank u very much:)