Thursday, February 7, 2008



Boiled potatoes-2 nos

fresh boiled beetroot/canned beets-1

onions-1/2 cup finely chopped

gin-gar-1 tsp freshly grated

turmeric pdr-1 tsp

red chilli pdr-1 tsp

coriander pdr-2 tbsp

garam masala-1 tsp

curry leaves

coriander leaves- for garnish

salt to taste


Bread crumbs-1 cup

egg whites-2(for those who dont like eggs they can make a thin paste of all purpose flour/maida by adding lil water and use this to coat the bread crumbs instead of the egg whites.Gives the same effect)


Mash the potatoes and beets together coarsely with a masher or fork.Season it with a little salt.Pour oil in a pan,add grated gin-gar,turmeric and onions.Season it with salt.Tear the curry leaves and add into the pan.When the onions get soft add red chilli pdr,coriander pdr and garam masala.Add in the coriander leaves.Combine this mixture with the mashed potato and beets.Mix it thoroughly till everything is evenly mixed.Check the seasoning.This mixture should be completely dry so that when u squeeze it should hold tight.If its moist it will drink in oil and break while frying.In case ur mixture is moist add in bread crumbs into it until it all the moisture is absorbed.

Make small balls of the mixture and gently press it with ur palm.Do the same with rest of the balls.I follow the double dipping method which makes the crust extra crispy.For this coat the cutlets with bread crumbs first then drop into the egg white and then again into the bread crumbs.Do the same with the rest of the cutlets.Let these rest in the fridge for half an hr or so.

You can either deep fry the cutlets or shallow fry.I shallow fried my cutlets.Pour little oil in a flat pan.The oil should reach half the height of the cutlets.Let it heat on a high.Ones the oil is hot drop in the cutlets .When one side gets brown turn the side and brown the other side too.Remove them from the oil ones its done and put it on a paper towel to drain off the extra oil off the cutlets.

Serve it warm or room temp with onions and ketchup.


Anonymous said...

dear ranji....
it looks good!! make it better by catogorising, for school kids,food with less fat,variety of salads,traditional foods etc....

ranji said...

Hi thank u so much for ur suggestion...i will look into it as soon as possible.