Thursday, February 14, 2008



Want to make something special for your beloved on valentine's day other than chocolate....then this is the perfect sweet :)....It's very easy to make and no complications at all.Have no hesitation i guarantee u this will make ur beloved asking for more;) .This halwa is made especially by us konkani's.


Ripe plantains-3-4 nos
sugar to sprinkle on top
cardamam pdr(optional)
oil for deep frying


Slit the banana right in the middle and cut it into 1/2" pieces.Heat oil in a deep vessel and drop the chopped banana pieces into the oil carefully.Stay a little away from the oil in case it splatters.Fry it it turns brown.Transfer it to a paper towel to drain off the excess oil and while its still warm sprinkle sugar over it.Do the same for the rest of the banana .Sprinkle sugar evenly over the banana and toss the vessel so that the sugar gets coated all over the banana.
For xtra flavour sprinkle little cardamam pdr over the halwa.
Serve warm or chilled.


rv said...

Hey that was easy one:) I wish I had the plantains, I didnt actually prepare anything this time, maybe i will prepare something today :)

ranji said...

Thank u roopsy:).....i always buy plantains every week coz i like the steamed and roasted version of it.....always handy when u want a quick snack.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This sounds really good - I love plantains and they must be great with cardamom! A sweet treat indeed!

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Anonymous said...

dear ranji..
i too like bananas.nutricious and easy to digest.can recomend it to any body recovering from illness including babies.
chilled banana shake is my favourite in the hot summer
inlude more banana preparations...

ranji said...

thank u Jenndz for adding me to foodie blogroll.Yes this recipe is one of a kind and is a must try:).

Hi friend i also like chilled banana shake ,i make it sometimes when bananas get overripe and difficult to eat.Will post more banana recipes soon.

rv said...

Hi ranji, I think you clicked on the hyperlink "this tool" in jenndz website which tells "if you think the blogroll is too messy, you can use 'this tool' to create a pull down menu. It displays the blogroll as one line of text." I think thats what you did. Did Jendz send you the code? she might send it in two weeks. If you did not receive in two weeks from the time you applied, write back to her.

rv said...

I think it just takes time to appear . Check if its appearing after a few days.